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I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed. Got mixed up feelings. I feel good and bad.

I have two midterms next week - physics and chem. I'm worried about both of them a lot, because I have no idea what the tests are like. They're multiple choice, but I just hope it's as simple as the test in my stats class. Simple and straight-forward, and mostly conceptual. I can deal with the concepts. Doing problems could be a problem - word problems and such. I don't like having to memorize equations. But it probably shouldn't be so bad, right?

I finally decided to take advantage of the self-study stuff online that came with my chem book. Hopefully that will help me get some more of the basics down.

And then I'm worried that if I choose to take the chem exam on Saturday, that would not leave me any time to shoot or to do my psych homework. :(

...My mom is always having trouble singing karaoke to her favorite songs down there.

Okay, so we bought this new karaoke machine. It's really small and lightweight. I think it's really good. It's got at least 2000 songs in that little chip. My parents also got another chip that has a bunch of Thai songs. And we're thinking of getting more! It's that karaoke machine that has a the scoring system on it. I'll never understand how that thing scores our singing.

Well, that machine was bought last night. After shooting today (and today, Ed, the super-talkative guy who works at Daddy's shop, came all the way out here in Rancho to shoot with us today! Daddy says he's still not as good as I am, whether he used our gun or his gun, even at 25 ft), Mommy and Daddy bought two huge speakers for better sound quality. Our Bose speakers couldn't handle our microphones.

We're just getting karaoke hardcore.

Oh, I thought Ryan (the young guy at the gun range) dressed very nice today, so I complimented him. It's a nice look. Besides, I think Asian guys are more appealing to me than white guys.

This new karaoke thing has so many songs in it. I'm sure anyone could come to my house and know how to sing at least a few songs. It's got old and newer songs. But too bad it's not as new as in the lastest pop songs currently playing on the radio. Wouldn't it be cool to have a karaoke for EBM songs? Haha. All that bass you're gonna hear from the speakers! Awesome!

I just remembered that we have tambourines somewhere. Two of them. They must be in that storage shed outside in the backyard.

Man, I don't know whether I should do this psych paper first, or study chem or physics. But the psych paper deadlines is last, so I guess I'll take my time on that. The paper doesn't look too hard to write either. I have to choose a children's book and write about the gender roles of the characters in the book. I'm debating whether I should write about Little Chick's Easter Treasure or The Hiding Beast.

I love how Blogger autosaves my entry for me. No more of that losing-all-that-stuff-I-worked-so-long-writing!

Didn't take pics at the gun range today. Oh well. I hope have a really good pic and video of me showing my excellent shooting skills one day. I'd proudly post it online!


You know how to shoot! =O