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Never thought I'd be chosen to be in a video commercial. But here I am! Too bad this wasn't my job earlier. I wish my skin was more flawless for this video.

Take a look.

Thank you to Brian and Stephanie for creating this video.

Today Daddy wanted me to help him create his business logo so he can have it branded on all his parts by laser. I was nervous about not being able to do it, because I didn't even know how to type text in the shape of a circle.

I now know how to type text along a path, and how to draw a circle without a fill!

I don't do this everyday, so I probably will forget. That's why I'm going to post the article and video where I learned these basics here.

Creating Type on a Path in Photoshop

How to draw a circle with no fill in Photoshop

It wasn't much to learn, but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself that I learned something new today. It would've been heard to figure out by just playing around. Gotta thank the internet! It can teach you how to do anything!

I came back here because I've missed this blog and I miss the whole practice of blogging in general. I've been feeling like I want to write, but I don't know why I keep waiting for that right moment to start documenting my day and life here in this special space online.

So much has changed since my last post on here. Thanks to micro-blogging on Twitter and Facebook, people are making quick and short updates on those websites. That leaves the world of detailed and long blogging almost dead.

Heh heh, feels so nice to write in here again. I love how this blog is always waiting for me to record any thought in it.

I am glad something called me back here tonight.

I miss Tuong Phu so much.