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I'm in stats class right now. We talked about experiments, and now we're going over probability. I'm so stressed out about everything in general right now. Midterms, getting into nursing school, and my career..... and life.

I've decided that...

My textbooks are now my best friends. Especially my chem book. We're going to be temporarily married. Gotta give the chem book some love so I hopefully get an A in organic and biochem.

I hope I can get all this studying done before the test. I'd rather take it on Thursday.

Then we have a review in physics lecture today. The physics midterm is on Wednesday.

How unfortunate. I didn't get to study as much as I hoped this weekend. Blame it all on the karaoke machine!

Daddy is on his way home. I bet he's hurrying home so he can karaoke again! I have to say, but that little karaoke device is one of the greatest party toys I have ever seen. It's called MagicSing. Not sure which model though. It's even better with those Yamaha speakers we bought from Sam Ash yesterday.

I think I ate way too much. By the time Mommy called me to ask what I wanted from El Pollo Loco, I was already eating my second and last slice of pizza... -_- But I liked Grilled Chicken Nachos, so I had to order some. Bad idea.

I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed. Got mixed up feelings. I feel good and bad.

I have two midterms next week - physics and chem. I'm worried about both of them a lot, because I have no idea what the tests are like. They're multiple choice, but I just hope it's as simple as the test in my stats class. Simple and straight-forward, and mostly conceptual. I can deal with the concepts. Doing problems could be a problem - word problems and such. I don't like having to memorize equations. But it probably shouldn't be so bad, right?

I finally decided to take advantage of the self-study stuff online that came with my chem book. Hopefully that will help me get some more of the basics down.

And then I'm worried that if I choose to take the chem exam on Saturday, that would not leave me any time to shoot or to do my psych homework. :(

...My mom is always having trouble singing karaoke to her favorite songs down there.

Okay, so we bought this new karaoke machine. It's really small and lightweight. I think it's really good. It's got at least 2000 songs in that little chip. My parents also got another chip that has a bunch of Thai songs. And we're thinking of getting more! It's that karaoke machine that has a the scoring system on it. I'll never understand how that thing scores our singing.

Well, that machine was bought last night. After shooting today (and today, Ed, the super-talkative guy who works at Daddy's shop, came all the way out here in Rancho to shoot with us today! Daddy says he's still not as good as I am, whether he used our gun or his gun, even at 25 ft), Mommy and Daddy bought two huge speakers for better sound quality. Our Bose speakers couldn't handle our microphones.

We're just getting karaoke hardcore.

Oh, I thought Ryan (the young guy at the gun range) dressed very nice today, so I complimented him. It's a nice look. Besides, I think Asian guys are more appealing to me than white guys.

This new karaoke thing has so many songs in it. I'm sure anyone could come to my house and know how to sing at least a few songs. It's got old and newer songs. But too bad it's not as new as in the lastest pop songs currently playing on the radio. Wouldn't it be cool to have a karaoke for EBM songs? Haha. All that bass you're gonna hear from the speakers! Awesome!

I just remembered that we have tambourines somewhere. Two of them. They must be in that storage shed outside in the backyard.

Man, I don't know whether I should do this psych paper first, or study chem or physics. But the psych paper deadlines is last, so I guess I'll take my time on that. The paper doesn't look too hard to write either. I have to choose a children's book and write about the gender roles of the characters in the book. I'm debating whether I should write about Little Chick's Easter Treasure or The Hiding Beast.

I love how Blogger autosaves my entry for me. No more of that losing-all-that-stuff-I-worked-so-long-writing!

Didn't take pics at the gun range today. Oh well. I hope have a really good pic and video of me showing my excellent shooting skills one day. I'd proudly post it online!

CSUSB is closed for the rest of the week! ...More time to study!

This fire is crazy, especially because of the winds. Feels like fire and winds happen ever year or something.

I want more cool clothes!


I love him......lots.

I didn't get as much studying done as I wanted to. But even after those couple hours of studying, I feel a little better about the test. It wasn't just two hours of studying - it was a productive two hours. I made sure it was real studying, not just looking over stuff. I practiced calculating the problems out. I made sure I knew what was going on with the problems.

I think I'm only half-way through.

I've been thinking about beauty pageants a lot lately. Nowadays, people are becoming more liberal and open-minded. It's hard to judge beauty, really. Beauty is so much more than looks now. It's intelligence, personality, communication skills... The pageants all say they look for that, but there really is no "most beautiful woman in the world". It's just not possible because every person has a different opinion. Everyone judges differently.

Beauty is something that just can't be judged. Just appreciate it.

This morning I went to Chaffey to get a hearing and visual exam for my CNA physical exam. They checked my blood pressure, and they said it was low. "Is it usually that low?" the nurse asked.

"I'm not sure," I said. "They checked it when I was here last time last week and they said it was kinda low."

"Do you get tired often?"

"Not really... Only after I eat. That's it."

The nurse gave me a card which is supposed to keep track of my blood pressure. "Maybe you should come in every now and then to have your blood pressure checked, so we can see if it's normally this low. We just wanna be sure you're not anemic," she suggested.

So after that, she gave me the chart for the lab test and I drove over to Quest Diagnostics to get my blood test and urine test done.

The phlebotomist had trouble finding my veins. Not so surprising, really. People have always had trouble with that with me. I remember when I had to get my teeth pulled at the dentist, the nurses were poking me several times with a needle 'cuz they couldn't find my veins! It hurt. Well, same for the phlebotomist today. She couldn't find a spot on my right arm, so she took my left arm instead.

And as I watched my blood flow through the little tube into the test tube, I started feeling really light-headed. I was hoping my blood would flow faster so she'd have enough in the test tube. She was about to have me go to the restroom to collect urine...

"I'm feeling light-headed," I said.

I think she asked me if I fasted. Apparently, I didn't have to fast for this.

"It's probably because I haven't had anything to eat this morning," I admitted.

So she had me lay my head down, gave me a little towel to sniff which kept me from feeling nauseated. She gave me a pack of ice to put to my head too.

After a few minutes, I was better, and I did the urine test and left.

Well, at least I'm proud I'm getting all this testing done! Another step closer to the CNA program!

Now I'm currently looking for CPR classes. It has to be an American Heart Association CPR course for the Professional Rescuer. I hope I find the right class soon. I hope it's not too far, either.

I'm in physics class right now. Obviously, I'm not paying attention. All I'm worried about is that stats test tomorrow. :(

Gotta study tonight!


It's finally done. I've submitted my freakin' psych writing assignment through the Digital Drop Box on BlackBoard to my teacher. *sighhhhhhh*

At least all the assignments are done, so now I just gotta print out my physics homework, turn it in tomorrow, and then study stats all day tomorrow -- oh wait -- today and tomorrow. It's midnight now, so it's now Monday. Yeah, I got a stats test tomorrow, and going to the EBM club tomorrow.

I also got the physical exam today at 10:30 am at Chaffey. I wonder what they're gonna make me do. I'm so afraid it's gonna be scary and difficult. It's not supposed to be! Why am I so scared?

I gotta hurry and get to bed so I can do everything I need to do, but first, I gotta print out some stuff like the physics homework and my cute little Google calendar, so I don't forget anything I need to do during the week.

I like Google Calendar. :)

I can do this!!! Why oh why did this chapter have to be so long?

I think I just ate a Reese's peanut butter cup from last Halloween.

Didn't taste as good as I expected. It was slightly weird.


Finally! Done with chem and physics! But there's still psych to do, and that's a really big chunk of the load. Here's the stuff I need to do for psych:

2. Quiz
3. Discussion board questions
4. Writing assignment

Not just that. I still have stats to study for. D:

But it's still a bit of a relief to get some classes out of the way for now.

So random how Joe came by my house with three other friends with him. I forgot he was having dinner with them out here in Rancho. He was thoughtful to stop by and say hi. I had to quickly change out of my PJs so I could run downstairs. Eh. A nice break from my physics homework.

I'm debating whether I should reward myself with some chocolate for finishing my chem and physics today...

Forgot to post this pic in the last entry.

I'm so into Google right now. When I get bored, I just explore all the things Google has to offer. I thought I'd try Google's Web Accelerator and Google Desktop. I just downloaded both a few seconds ago.

I'm just taking a break from chemistry. Been watching those lectures last night and going to finish them all today. There are only five homework problems for the two chapters I need to do today. They're only conceptual questions, and they're not that hard, so I shouldn't have a problem with that.

Physics is next. A bunch of conceptual questions and a few actual problems. I plan to read chapter 5 before I do that stuff though. We just started chapter 6 in lecture, so it looks like I'm not that far behind. I may be able to finish all the homework for chem, but that doesn't mean I'm caught up!

Statistics is the class I'm totally behind on. I have to hurry and get physics and chem done today so I can at least start on the psych stuff. I have a lot more for psych this week because we have a writing assignment to do. I need to leave most of Sunday for studying stats. I wonder if I'll have some time to spare for shooting with my dad, just in case he wants to go back to Magnum Range.

Oh yes, I haven't updated you on my CNA stuff. I went to the meeting with CB that Thursday on October 4th. The instructors were older ladies, and they were really nice about it. They didn't make the CNA job sound too scary, but it already looks like it's hard work. I just feel better knowing that at least on of the CNA instructors are really nice and understanding. I got to ask all the questions I needed to ask, so now I understand all I need to do, and that helped CB too!

I'm pretty proud of myself that I'm getting started on all these many "quests" I need to do to get into the CNA program. I have to get my TB skin test done, my physical exam, lab tests, and get my uniform. Step one of the TB skin test is done, and I'm just waiting to go back to the Chaffey Health Services office for step two on Monday, October 22nd. This coming Monday, I'm going back there for the physical exam for visual and audio, and they'll tell me where to go for the lab tests (serology, urinalysis, and CBC - don't know what that is). What's most important is that I'll get my TB test done in time to register for the CNA classes on November 1st.

CB is currently working for his dad, but he doesn't want to. He wants to get a job down here in SoCal and be with ME! :) I love him! When I last talked to him on the phone, he was told me that him and his grandparents were talking about me! They were talking about how I was going into nursing. It really makes me happy that CB talks about me to his family. :)

After archery yesterday, I went to the health center to get my TB sking test step one read. As I walked out of the office, this guy was hitting on me. This surprised me a lot 'cuz I had absolutely no makeup on, I wasn't wearing anything cute at all, and he was Latino. His name's Jose. Hmph. Well, he wanted my number or wanted to give me his, but I just ended up giving him my less important e-mail,, instead. I acted like I was really busy - my excuse for not going out anytime soon. Weird.

Oh, so Brian (the guy fro Bass Pro Shops) came to archery again yesterday. Not as late as last week, but still late. He left early too. But he's a good instructor, I think. I saw that I shot a few arrows into the yellow center area of the target during this one round. I was proud of myself! I have to thank him for that, I guess. Or maybe it was just me. I dunno. I'm good!

When Brian was gonna leave he gave me a hug. It was a nice feeling mostly 'cuz all I could think about after was how big and soft he was.... o.O Like a bear. But he really is a big guy. He's only 18. Doesn't look like it. And he can't believe I'm 23. I can't believe he's taking seven classes at Chaffey. WTF. But it's cool how he can speak German fluently and can speak Russian too!

After archery and the health center yesterday, I went to Wing Stop, which was near IHOP. That place was surprisingly good! It's a nice small place, and their chicken wings are delicious. I ordered the same thing she ordered (she got there before I did) - lemon-pepper and garlic-parmesan, both kinds fried. You know I love fried chicken! This could actually be better than KFC or Church's Chicken!

We sat there eating chicken and talking about our schooling for our future careers. Good conversation.

I ended up finding out after that I had like seven voice messages in my phone. My phone was on silent, so yeah. About five messages from Mommy and Daddy, and two from CB. -_-

I brought the leftover chicken from Wing Stop back home. I gave them to my aunt, all still fresh and warm. Lucky her.

I walked out of physics lecture yesterday. On the way back to my car, this girl was walking behind me, talking on the cell phone to a friend. She was like, "This physics class is the most boring class on the planet. I don't care about how things move. I'll just move and not hit or make a dent in anything, and everything'll be fine!"

Hm, just one of those people who don't appreciate physics. Hearing her made me appreciate physics as well as the other subjects I'm taking. I'm even thinking right now about how I'm starting to appreciate chemistry, especially because I'll really need it as a nurse. I'll eventually learn to appreciate stats... Still not liking that class. Got a test for that on Tuesday. Great. Shouldn't be so bad if I get the studying done. I think the review that we had in the stats class on Thursday went pretty well. Things are probably easier than it looks. I know how to use my calculator to find X bar and the standard deviation, at least.

Man, I gotta get the videos we took in England on DVD too. Just need to get them out of the camcorder so I can use it for other fun things.

I stayed up 'til 3:00 am Thursday night scanning pics for Justin's film so I was soooooo sleepy yesterday.

Okay, I guess I'll get back to watching the biochem lectures now. I'm about a quarter way through chapter 15.

Let me add Ash, a classmate in archery to MySpace and give you some pics to see!

These four arrows were shot during one round. Excellent!

I just left those there 'cuz they look so good. I only took out the arrows that were not in the yellow to shoot again, hoping they'd join my four arrows in the center.

I got one more arrow in the yellow by the end of class!

I love boba at Noodle World!

Photoshoot with CB.

My gun target. I'm so proud of it!

And this is Daddy's.

Mommy bought me a churro at the swap meet. Mmm.... All that sugar... They're SO good!

I'm in the CSUSB library. This Asian lady trusted me enough to watch her stuff while she went to the restroom. I guess that's a good thing, that I look trustworthy enough.

It seemed like the internet problem was solved after I called Verizon. It was nice and speedy again, everything was normal. Couple hours later, I finished dinner and went upstairs to get back online. SLOW. AGAIN. Great.

On Friday, I was so pleased to have this photoshoot with CB. He takes the greatest pictures! So surprised he's so good at photography. He never does it much.

Oh man! This sucks! CSUSB doesn't let me upload anything! I can't send pics on Hello, I can't get on YIM, and I can't upload pics to this blog. >:O


At home, the internet's all slow, and CSUSB, it's blocking my uploads!!! Then how was I able to upload the video that I took at Daddy's work to YouTube then?


Whatever. I'll just post some pictures pertaining to this post later.

Anyway, Daddy took me to the gun range on Sunday morning. The nearest place I found was Magnum Range, which is around Vineyard and 9th. Looks like Daddy is going to enter a shooting competition with other Thai people. They're gonna be going to this gun range in Cerritos. But something's a bit screwed up - why are they letting some national gun champion from Thailand enter? He's won enough, and it's time to let the amateurs earn the prize. Other than that, looks like all the old Thai guys will have fun.

We walked into the range with the ear protection thingies and those paper targets. I wore safety glasses. Hm, even with the ear things on, it's still hella loud! I never imagined guns to be that loud. There were like maybe three other people in there, shooting. There was old guy, and another old guy with his wife in the same stall. I think she was shooting too. I had no idea what they were using though.

Daddy and I were using a .357 Magnum revolver with a 6" barrel. He's had that ever since before I was born. I never knew he had that. All I thought we had was the air pistol and that old black revolver which was always there at Daddy's work, but it was kinda taken apart.

Daddy let me watch him shoot first. He hung the target up, flipped the switch, and it zoomed along the cord all the way to the back of the room. Yep, he doesn't need to practice from up close. I suppose he's really as good as he says. I saw it. I agree, maybe he's a bit rusty. He hasn't been shooting for over 20 years.

He showed me how to load the ammo into the gun and how to hold it. I was so scared! It was a real gun, and this was my first time using a real gun! It was already scary enough hearing all the loud BANG! BANG! BANG! in the room. Startling. I'd say I did pretty well for my first time. I started off shooting at the target halfway down the room, and in the end, Daddy figured I was ready to shoot it from maximum distance. Not bad, as you'll see later, once I post the pic up. :D

Yeah, so when I was shooting the gun, I found that it didn't sound as loud and startling when you're the one shooting. When I watch my dad shoot, it's SO freaking loud! Not just that - I see FLAMES come out from the sides of the gun! WTF? I guess gunpowder does that.

Everything was all new to me. It was really exciting.

When we were done, we put our stuff back on the wall, safety glasses and ear protection things. The shop was run by Koreans, it seems. There was his old guy, and his son, Ryan, who's a second-year at UCSD, majoring in Bio-Physics. Of course, I wasn't surprised that Mommy mentioned that I graduated from UCR and Christy's at Berkeley.

Daddy showed Ryan our targets. Ryan sounded impressed. "I can't even shoot that good," he said. "With a rifle and a scope, maybe."

My dad wasn't sure if he was joking or not, but eh. I, myself would say I'm pretty good. I mean, those other people in the room were shooting humongous targets that were up really close. We were the only ones with our targets things all the way in the back of the room. Those old guys were shooting too close, my dad says. The guy in the stall nearest to us was shooting so badly that he hit the metal clips twice and part of the bullet would hit my dad's forehead. WTF. Daddy didn't say anything about it 'til after we left. Daddy and I figured those guys in there didn't really know how to shoot.

"They weren't really practicing," I said. "They were just shooting." -_-

We went to the swapmeet after 'cuz Mommy wanted to buy fruit. We bought some roasted peanuts to eat while shopping there. I had to make sure I got a churro! I love churros! I love how they're covered with all this sugar.... YUM! :P

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot with Tyler's brother, Travis. Pretty fun. I dressed up a bit, and looked my best, and we went to Red Hill Park to shoot some photos of me. Travis has all these nice professional lenses and equipment. He's getting pretty good, considering he's learned most of it from forums and books. I can't wait to see how those photos turned out. I'll be watching him on DeviantART.

I can't wait to do another photoshoot with my CB! <3

Dang. This blog entry is freakin' long. There's only one person who reads it, so I hope you enjoy every single word of it!

I think I better head back to my car now. I only ate half of my McDonald's 10-piece Chicken McNugget meal - I just ate the fries. I decided to save the rest as dinner before my stats class.

Stats class - I'm not liking it right now. It's my own fault for not paying attention in class. But this class doesn't give me homework or anything, so it makes it really hard to study for this class. I really would like to get a better grade than I did back at UCR.

Okay, time to go. I guess I'll post a bunch of pics in the next entry... If the internet permits.

Finally. I can resume my internet life again.


I gotta call Verizon DSL.

I am SO freaking frustrated with the internet right now! Why is it being SO SLOW???????????????? I need to freakin' submit my homework online!

To ease my frustration, I've been looking through the Scrap City book. I just love all the art in there. So artistic and meaningful. That is what I want to do with my scrapbooking.

Ugh, I need to hurry and finish this homework! I'm almost done with my psych discussion questions and then I gotta do the 20-question quiz. Next, I gotta finish watching the chem lecture for chapter 13 and do the homework. ALL OF THESE ARE ONLINE! OMG! I'm still so happy to have online classes, but I'm NOT happy with my internet today.

Going to the CNA info meeting today. Really nervous just thinking about it. It's going to be hard training and a hard job. We're dealing with people who can't fully help themselves, so .... It's hard because I can barely take care of myself. But I want to help people too.

I hope they train me well in how to make someone's bed, how to give someone a bath, how to clean up. I'm so afraid of doing something wrong, or hurting someone. :( Oh man.

And CB "totalled" his car last night. He was fully awake though. I hope it wasn't because he was day-dreaming of me.

I hope to give him a nice, long hug today. He needs that.

The phone freaking annoys the hell out of me. I HATE the phone.

Posted from my cell phone! Lol.

Ha! I love documenting my life so much, I do it from my cell phone too!

I want books. Not just any kind of book. I'm not looking for reading books anymore (have enough of that!). Coloring books!

People usually think that coloring books are for children only. Sure, because children need it the most for developing their cognitive and motor skills. But me and CB found this awesome coloring book at Michaels. It's just awesome, the ideas so random, and so cute! I was not surprised at all when I saw the author's name, Taro Gomi. Japanese. These Japanese people come up with the most interesting, cute things all the time.

So yeah, I'm adding these books to my wishlist! I wanna get one for myself, and another for my POOP!

What's interesting is that Taro Gomi wrote this book I read as a kid, Everyone Poops. Lol. It was one of the many books I checked out when I first had access to a library.

I also checked this book out too. =) I picked interesting books to read. The Gas We Pass is not by Taro Gomi, but still written by a Japanese author.


I'm gonna be going to Justin's place to watch Descent while having Blast o' Butter popcorn. Dang. How much butter could that popcorn possibly have? Would it be enough for me? Would it be too much?

Okay... I just read the comments that people left to my post in the LJ nursing students community last night. Looks like being a CNA will be the most accessible job to get me the EXP for being a nurse. Better to start with the "dirty work" first than to end up being disgusted by it later. I gotta get used to it sometime.

I can't forget to call Chaffey about the CNA meetings so I can get started!