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It's finally done. I've submitted my freakin' psych writing assignment through the Digital Drop Box on BlackBoard to my teacher. *sighhhhhhh*

At least all the assignments are done, so now I just gotta print out my physics homework, turn it in tomorrow, and then study stats all day tomorrow -- oh wait -- today and tomorrow. It's midnight now, so it's now Monday. Yeah, I got a stats test tomorrow, and going to the EBM club tomorrow.

I also got the physical exam today at 10:30 am at Chaffey. I wonder what they're gonna make me do. I'm so afraid it's gonna be scary and difficult. It's not supposed to be! Why am I so scared?

I gotta hurry and get to bed so I can do everything I need to do, but first, I gotta print out some stuff like the physics homework and my cute little Google calendar, so I don't forget anything I need to do during the week.

I like Google Calendar. :)