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This morning I went to Chaffey to get a hearing and visual exam for my CNA physical exam. They checked my blood pressure, and they said it was low. "Is it usually that low?" the nurse asked.

"I'm not sure," I said. "They checked it when I was here last time last week and they said it was kinda low."

"Do you get tired often?"

"Not really... Only after I eat. That's it."

The nurse gave me a card which is supposed to keep track of my blood pressure. "Maybe you should come in every now and then to have your blood pressure checked, so we can see if it's normally this low. We just wanna be sure you're not anemic," she suggested.

So after that, she gave me the chart for the lab test and I drove over to Quest Diagnostics to get my blood test and urine test done.

The phlebotomist had trouble finding my veins. Not so surprising, really. People have always had trouble with that with me. I remember when I had to get my teeth pulled at the dentist, the nurses were poking me several times with a needle 'cuz they couldn't find my veins! It hurt. Well, same for the phlebotomist today. She couldn't find a spot on my right arm, so she took my left arm instead.

And as I watched my blood flow through the little tube into the test tube, I started feeling really light-headed. I was hoping my blood would flow faster so she'd have enough in the test tube. She was about to have me go to the restroom to collect urine...

"I'm feeling light-headed," I said.

I think she asked me if I fasted. Apparently, I didn't have to fast for this.

"It's probably because I haven't had anything to eat this morning," I admitted.

So she had me lay my head down, gave me a little towel to sniff which kept me from feeling nauseated. She gave me a pack of ice to put to my head too.

After a few minutes, I was better, and I did the urine test and left.

Well, at least I'm proud I'm getting all this testing done! Another step closer to the CNA program!

Now I'm currently looking for CPR classes. It has to be an American Heart Association CPR course for the Professional Rescuer. I hope I find the right class soon. I hope it's not too far, either.

I'm in physics class right now. Obviously, I'm not paying attention. All I'm worried about is that stats test tomorrow. :(

Gotta study tonight!