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I'm in the CSUSB library. This Asian lady trusted me enough to watch her stuff while she went to the restroom. I guess that's a good thing, that I look trustworthy enough.

It seemed like the internet problem was solved after I called Verizon. It was nice and speedy again, everything was normal. Couple hours later, I finished dinner and went upstairs to get back online. SLOW. AGAIN. Great.

On Friday, I was so pleased to have this photoshoot with CB. He takes the greatest pictures! So surprised he's so good at photography. He never does it much.

Oh man! This sucks! CSUSB doesn't let me upload anything! I can't send pics on Hello, I can't get on YIM, and I can't upload pics to this blog. >:O


At home, the internet's all slow, and CSUSB, it's blocking my uploads!!! Then how was I able to upload the video that I took at Daddy's work to YouTube then?


Whatever. I'll just post some pictures pertaining to this post later.

Anyway, Daddy took me to the gun range on Sunday morning. The nearest place I found was Magnum Range, which is around Vineyard and 9th. Looks like Daddy is going to enter a shooting competition with other Thai people. They're gonna be going to this gun range in Cerritos. But something's a bit screwed up - why are they letting some national gun champion from Thailand enter? He's won enough, and it's time to let the amateurs earn the prize. Other than that, looks like all the old Thai guys will have fun.

We walked into the range with the ear protection thingies and those paper targets. I wore safety glasses. Hm, even with the ear things on, it's still hella loud! I never imagined guns to be that loud. There were like maybe three other people in there, shooting. There was old guy, and another old guy with his wife in the same stall. I think she was shooting too. I had no idea what they were using though.

Daddy and I were using a .357 Magnum revolver with a 6" barrel. He's had that ever since before I was born. I never knew he had that. All I thought we had was the air pistol and that old black revolver which was always there at Daddy's work, but it was kinda taken apart.

Daddy let me watch him shoot first. He hung the target up, flipped the switch, and it zoomed along the cord all the way to the back of the room. Yep, he doesn't need to practice from up close. I suppose he's really as good as he says. I saw it. I agree, maybe he's a bit rusty. He hasn't been shooting for over 20 years.

He showed me how to load the ammo into the gun and how to hold it. I was so scared! It was a real gun, and this was my first time using a real gun! It was already scary enough hearing all the loud BANG! BANG! BANG! in the room. Startling. I'd say I did pretty well for my first time. I started off shooting at the target halfway down the room, and in the end, Daddy figured I was ready to shoot it from maximum distance. Not bad, as you'll see later, once I post the pic up. :D

Yeah, so when I was shooting the gun, I found that it didn't sound as loud and startling when you're the one shooting. When I watch my dad shoot, it's SO freaking loud! Not just that - I see FLAMES come out from the sides of the gun! WTF? I guess gunpowder does that.

Everything was all new to me. It was really exciting.

When we were done, we put our stuff back on the wall, safety glasses and ear protection things. The shop was run by Koreans, it seems. There was his old guy, and his son, Ryan, who's a second-year at UCSD, majoring in Bio-Physics. Of course, I wasn't surprised that Mommy mentioned that I graduated from UCR and Christy's at Berkeley.

Daddy showed Ryan our targets. Ryan sounded impressed. "I can't even shoot that good," he said. "With a rifle and a scope, maybe."

My dad wasn't sure if he was joking or not, but eh. I, myself would say I'm pretty good. I mean, those other people in the room were shooting humongous targets that were up really close. We were the only ones with our targets things all the way in the back of the room. Those old guys were shooting too close, my dad says. The guy in the stall nearest to us was shooting so badly that he hit the metal clips twice and part of the bullet would hit my dad's forehead. WTF. Daddy didn't say anything about it 'til after we left. Daddy and I figured those guys in there didn't really know how to shoot.

"They weren't really practicing," I said. "They were just shooting." -_-

We went to the swapmeet after 'cuz Mommy wanted to buy fruit. We bought some roasted peanuts to eat while shopping there. I had to make sure I got a churro! I love churros! I love how they're covered with all this sugar.... YUM! :P

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot with Tyler's brother, Travis. Pretty fun. I dressed up a bit, and looked my best, and we went to Red Hill Park to shoot some photos of me. Travis has all these nice professional lenses and equipment. He's getting pretty good, considering he's learned most of it from forums and books. I can't wait to see how those photos turned out. I'll be watching him on DeviantART.

I can't wait to do another photoshoot with my CB! <3

Dang. This blog entry is freakin' long. There's only one person who reads it, so I hope you enjoy every single word of it!

I think I better head back to my car now. I only ate half of my McDonald's 10-piece Chicken McNugget meal - I just ate the fries. I decided to save the rest as dinner before my stats class.

Stats class - I'm not liking it right now. It's my own fault for not paying attention in class. But this class doesn't give me homework or anything, so it makes it really hard to study for this class. I really would like to get a better grade than I did back at UCR.

Okay, time to go. I guess I'll post a bunch of pics in the next entry... If the internet permits.