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I pulled an all-nighter last night, trying to make four Xmas cards for my POOP, Mommy, Daddy and Koonya. What fun. And I tried to do it all while sitting around on Maple waiting for Papulatus Clock to spawn.

I really wanna sleep. :(

But now we have to start getting ready to go out for dinner to celebrate POOPY's birthday.

Happy 20th Birthday to my POOPY! I love her!

Oh my gawd. My aunt is watching Maury on TV. Oh geez. Women crying like crazy 'cuz they slept with another man during the time they got pregnant... Stuff like that.

It's so dramatic. Are they really crying like that? They enjoy people watching them cry?


And then I hear that same commercial for Everest College (I think). Lol. Over and over again.

I'm wondering why I'm getting annoyed so easily with everything tonight. I think it's because I have to make friggin' holiday cards for all the Thai newspaper people and whoever else I know. Great. And the hard part is my mom taking forever to choose a pic of me to put on the front of the card and buying ink for the printer.

And I thought I would feel all peaceful and unstressed this weekend because I finished all my psych stuff early this week. :(

I Googled CrescentGirl and the results were interesting. Interesting to see who else other than me has made CrescentGirl their identity.

There's this Russian girl, fifteen and from Moscow, I think. She's really, really pretty. I really like how she made all of her avatars .gif animated. They've got a glow effect.

There's another Russian girl whose name is also crescentgirl, but I didn't bother to read much about her. C'mon, it was in Russian, and I forgot all of my Russian. Makes me want to refresh again.

Then there's this girl who I assume lives in Singapore, because she goes to Crescent Girls' School. I can understand where she got her name from. Lol.

I remember playing on MapleSEA when I was in Thailand, and I ran into this guy. He seemed to have something against me just because of my name, CrescentGirl. He thought I was from Singapore, but I guess I surprised him when I said I'm American. He thought I went to Crescent Girls' School.

Tired. Sleepy.

I'm sad!!

Today was our last day of archery. I was hoping it would be really good, but NO!!! I shouldn't have worn my nice, cute little hat to class today! Now look what happened!!

The pom-pom came off! TT__TT It came flying off just as I shot my first arrow!!! I can't wait until Mommy gets home so she can fix it for me! *cries*

I'm gonna be so sad until it's fixed!

I'm really not too happy about waking up at 8:00 am for a video shoot. *sigh* I'm tired now. Thinking about tomorrow makes me feel dead tired already. :( I really don't like work.

Finally, the big time period of major stress has finally passed. From this point on, it's just reading for psych and turning in the assignments every week, one last meeting of archery on Friday. I just gotta study a little for the written part of the archery test.

I looked at the grades online just now. Looks like I have an A- in physics, and I think an 89% in chem. I really hope that he'd just make that 89% an A-. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!! With pure luck, I got an A- in stats. I really don't want chem to ruin my "A" streak! I don't care if they're A-s. They surely look better than B+s.

I'm really not sure what I'm getting for psych currently, but I really hope that psych will be at least an A- too. I hope archery will be an A- at least too. I have no idea how archery will turn out. It's supposed to be a fun class! Does there really have to be a bad grade to ruin everything for me?

I'm so tired. I have to help Justin out with the music video shooting again tomorrow morning. :( But I'm tired. But last time was fun, so it shouldn't be that bad, 'cuz now I don't have a final to worry about. :)

Now that all my major classes are done, I'd like to have time to read fun stuff and scrapbook. Oh, and most importantly, Maple and learn how to play the Maple Trading Card Game.

It's 2:01 AM already, but I'm glad that I've finished my psych reading for the week. I'm working hard so I can get all this stuff done so I don't have to worry about the freakin' deadlines like last time. All I need to do tomorrow is to write up my response to the discussion question and the career assessment writing assignemnt. After that, it's to finish my chem homework. I'm going to try to get through all the lectures if possible.

Daddy wants to go shooting earlier than ever tomorrow. I want to go shooting, and that's why I'm going. I just hope I don't feel like crap 'cuz I'm sleeping so late!

I guess we're picking up the HSC (Handgun Saftey Certificate) cards tomorrow.