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The night of the eclipse was a very beautiful night. And because Justin was there, watching it with me, the experience was one of the best I've ever had. It was rather romantic, I have to say, and I'm very sure he'd agree as well. It's like, everytime we're together, we're always spending our time reminiscing about our high school days.

But it wasn't just Justin who made the lunar eclipse so wonderful. That night was also the first time I saw a shooting star. I made a wish....not exactly sure what it was, but I'm sure it was about happiness in my future. A lot of things went through my mind during that short little moment - being happy with someone, and getting my Master's in nursing... Sounds like those things are the most important to me since that was the only thing in my mind at the time. It's what comes to mind right away when I first think about "making a wish."
Other than the shooting star, I was so proud of myself that I was able to make out more constellations in the sky. I've never been out so late before, so I saw things other than the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia. I saw the beautiful cluster of stars, called Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. Pleiades always makes me think about how Justin had a friend who talked to him about them - how he "came from those stars." o.O
Anyway, looking at my planisphere, Justin and I were able to point out the Northern Cross in the sky, which was part of Cygnus, the swan. Even though it's not very hard to find at all, it made me pretty happy that we saw Orion in the eastern sky. We'll be seeing that more in the winter.

I'm happy that I was able to stay up for the whole eclipse. Photographing (and Justin filmed it with his awesome new professional camera - $3000+) it made everything so worth it.

Even after all that, after Justin had gone home, and I was about to sleep, I saw something shining brightly in the eastern sky as the light of dawn was approaching - Venus, now the morning star. It was an evening star just last month or so. Ending the night with Venus made it all seem like such a dream. Wow...

Been getting a lot of things done this week. I've been waking up really early to get to Chaffey and CSUSB to get myself added in these classes I want to take. I'm constantly adding and dropping, adding and dropping. It's almost complete. Now I just need to make sure I get into CHEM-208, Survey of Human Biochemistry, at CSUSB. It's going to be great if everything goes my way. CHEM-208, is an online class, Dr. Pederson told me. What a relief that was. Less driving for me.

I'm also taking another online class at Chaffey for PSYC-25, Developmental Psychology. This is my first time taking online classes. Hopefully things are easier this way.
Man. I should've been asleep long ago. I have archery at Chaffey tomorrow morning. I'm really excited about it. It must be fun! It's been a while since I've tried something completely new. And archery is definitely something new. I don't know anyone who practices this sport!

Well, I'm off to bed. I don't wanna feel like crap doing something cool.

Man, I don't know what happened to this blog layout after I uploaded the images to this blog. It got all messed up! My paragraphs were spaced like miles apart!! OMG! Hopefully it's okay now. -__-'

Just watching that total lunar eclipse last night was truly amazing. I think about it now and it feels like a dream. Maybe I'll write the details later.

It's just in almost two hours! I haven't seen a total lunar eclipse ever since May 2003, and I think I missed a lot of it that year 'cuz me and Deric and his friends were gonna watch Matrix 2 at the University Village Theatre. Yeah, that was a while ago.

I'm excited about it the eclipse. I've known about it since last month. Too bad it's so late though. I'm reallly sleepy right now. It's kinda funny how I used my last two Super Megaphones on Maple just to announce the eclipse and its times. Surprisingly, this one Mapler named Kisoy was so interested in it. I felt as if I was a professional astronomer, answering all his questions about lunar and solar eclipses - things like why the moon looks red during a lunar eclipse. o.O

This is gonna be cool - doing backyard astronomy, here at my house, with a friend. Yep, Justin said he'd come watch with me. I wish I had more people come hang out with me just to watch the eclipse (like Ricky!).

Justin was planning to go out to the mountains to see the eclipse. I thought it was a brilliant idea, 'cuz then I might be able to see the stars or something (but now I figured, probably not, because the moon is in the sky - better when it's completely dark in the sky). I asked my dad, and he said, "No - it's too late."

Oh well.

I'm sleepy, and I wanna take a quick nap before it all starts. Oh man, and I wanna see if I can take a picture of the moon with my zoom lens.... But then it's so freaking high up in the sky - that means it's gonna be really small. =(

Oh well, we'll see how it goes! =D

It's possible I may be coming back to this blog again. I've been feeling like blogging again, but never sure of which blog to blog in.