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I didn't get as much studying done as I wanted to. But even after those couple hours of studying, I feel a little better about the test. It wasn't just two hours of studying - it was a productive two hours. I made sure it was real studying, not just looking over stuff. I practiced calculating the problems out. I made sure I knew what was going on with the problems.

I think I'm only half-way through.

I've been thinking about beauty pageants a lot lately. Nowadays, people are becoming more liberal and open-minded. It's hard to judge beauty, really. Beauty is so much more than looks now. It's intelligence, personality, communication skills... The pageants all say they look for that, but there really is no "most beautiful woman in the world". It's just not possible because every person has a different opinion. Everyone judges differently.

Beauty is something that just can't be judged. Just appreciate it.