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I'm so into Google right now. When I get bored, I just explore all the things Google has to offer. I thought I'd try Google's Web Accelerator and Google Desktop. I just downloaded both a few seconds ago.

I'm just taking a break from chemistry. Been watching those lectures last night and going to finish them all today. There are only five homework problems for the two chapters I need to do today. They're only conceptual questions, and they're not that hard, so I shouldn't have a problem with that.

Physics is next. A bunch of conceptual questions and a few actual problems. I plan to read chapter 5 before I do that stuff though. We just started chapter 6 in lecture, so it looks like I'm not that far behind. I may be able to finish all the homework for chem, but that doesn't mean I'm caught up!

Statistics is the class I'm totally behind on. I have to hurry and get physics and chem done today so I can at least start on the psych stuff. I have a lot more for psych this week because we have a writing assignment to do. I need to leave most of Sunday for studying stats. I wonder if I'll have some time to spare for shooting with my dad, just in case he wants to go back to Magnum Range.

Oh yes, I haven't updated you on my CNA stuff. I went to the meeting with CB that Thursday on October 4th. The instructors were older ladies, and they were really nice about it. They didn't make the CNA job sound too scary, but it already looks like it's hard work. I just feel better knowing that at least on of the CNA instructors are really nice and understanding. I got to ask all the questions I needed to ask, so now I understand all I need to do, and that helped CB too!

I'm pretty proud of myself that I'm getting started on all these many "quests" I need to do to get into the CNA program. I have to get my TB skin test done, my physical exam, lab tests, and get my uniform. Step one of the TB skin test is done, and I'm just waiting to go back to the Chaffey Health Services office for step two on Monday, October 22nd. This coming Monday, I'm going back there for the physical exam for visual and audio, and they'll tell me where to go for the lab tests (serology, urinalysis, and CBC - don't know what that is). What's most important is that I'll get my TB test done in time to register for the CNA classes on November 1st.

CB is currently working for his dad, but he doesn't want to. He wants to get a job down here in SoCal and be with ME! :) I love him! When I last talked to him on the phone, he was told me that him and his grandparents were talking about me! They were talking about how I was going into nursing. It really makes me happy that CB talks about me to his family. :)

After archery yesterday, I went to the health center to get my TB sking test step one read. As I walked out of the office, this guy was hitting on me. This surprised me a lot 'cuz I had absolutely no makeup on, I wasn't wearing anything cute at all, and he was Latino. His name's Jose. Hmph. Well, he wanted my number or wanted to give me his, but I just ended up giving him my less important e-mail,, instead. I acted like I was really busy - my excuse for not going out anytime soon. Weird.

Oh, so Brian (the guy fro Bass Pro Shops) came to archery again yesterday. Not as late as last week, but still late. He left early too. But he's a good instructor, I think. I saw that I shot a few arrows into the yellow center area of the target during this one round. I was proud of myself! I have to thank him for that, I guess. Or maybe it was just me. I dunno. I'm good!

When Brian was gonna leave he gave me a hug. It was a nice feeling mostly 'cuz all I could think about after was how big and soft he was.... o.O Like a bear. But he really is a big guy. He's only 18. Doesn't look like it. And he can't believe I'm 23. I can't believe he's taking seven classes at Chaffey. WTF. But it's cool how he can speak German fluently and can speak Russian too!

After archery and the health center yesterday, I went to Wing Stop, which was near IHOP. That place was surprisingly good! It's a nice small place, and their chicken wings are delicious. I ordered the same thing she ordered (she got there before I did) - lemon-pepper and garlic-parmesan, both kinds fried. You know I love fried chicken! This could actually be better than KFC or Church's Chicken!

We sat there eating chicken and talking about our schooling for our future careers. Good conversation.

I ended up finding out after that I had like seven voice messages in my phone. My phone was on silent, so yeah. About five messages from Mommy and Daddy, and two from CB. -_-

I brought the leftover chicken from Wing Stop back home. I gave them to my aunt, all still fresh and warm. Lucky her.

I walked out of physics lecture yesterday. On the way back to my car, this girl was walking behind me, talking on the cell phone to a friend. She was like, "This physics class is the most boring class on the planet. I don't care about how things move. I'll just move and not hit or make a dent in anything, and everything'll be fine!"

Hm, just one of those people who don't appreciate physics. Hearing her made me appreciate physics as well as the other subjects I'm taking. I'm even thinking right now about how I'm starting to appreciate chemistry, especially because I'll really need it as a nurse. I'll eventually learn to appreciate stats... Still not liking that class. Got a test for that on Tuesday. Great. Shouldn't be so bad if I get the studying done. I think the review that we had in the stats class on Thursday went pretty well. Things are probably easier than it looks. I know how to use my calculator to find X bar and the standard deviation, at least.

Man, I gotta get the videos we took in England on DVD too. Just need to get them out of the camcorder so I can use it for other fun things.

I stayed up 'til 3:00 am Thursday night scanning pics for Justin's film so I was soooooo sleepy yesterday.

Okay, I guess I'll get back to watching the biochem lectures now. I'm about a quarter way through chapter 15.

Let me add Ash, a classmate in archery to MySpace and give you some pics to see!

These four arrows were shot during one round. Excellent!

I just left those there 'cuz they look so good. I only took out the arrows that were not in the yellow to shoot again, hoping they'd join my four arrows in the center.

I got one more arrow in the yellow by the end of class!

I love boba at Noodle World!