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Man, I don't know why I'm so easily stressed out! Let's list all the things I need to do from this point on to feel confident about my grades this quarter:

1. Read physics lab for tomorrow.
2. Do physics homework chapter 9.
3. Read psych chapter 12
4. Do psych quiz and discussion questions.
5. Watch chem lectures.
6. Do homework for chapters 23 and 24.
7. Catch up on reading for stats.
8. Catch up on reading for chem.

That's a lot. Everytime I have a task on the list - even if it's just one - I get all stressed.

It's just just this, but I have register for the CNA program at Chaffey on Friday, and figure out what I need to do to take that TEAS test that nursing programs require. I have to start thinking about applying for nursing school next fall now.


I want some spare time to play Maple without a worry. I wanna learn how to play with my new Maple trading cards. I wanna finish reading Harry Potter. I wanna re-read A Brief History of Time again, along with The Universe in a Nutshell right after. I have to finish reading the book Justin let me borrow, A Holographic Universe. I wanna scrapbook! I'd like to make holiday cards from all my scrapbook supplies.

Yep, so many things I need and want to do.

Oh yeah, and don't forget... I want more nice stuff from Cryoflesh! It's my favorite clothing store. Too bad it's online. :(

I showed Mommy the stuff I wanted from it, and it turned out that she didn't like most of the stuff I wanted to have. I'm disappointed. How am I supposed to get them now? *cry*


Remember, it is Christmas season =)