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Statistics: 100%

Physics: 18/25 = 72% (but somehow the teacher considered this range to be an A-)

Chemistry: 135/150 = 90%

I don't know what happened with physics.

And I just finished the psych stuff just now. I turned in Assignment 2 (a paper about gender roles portrayed in a children's storybook) hours ago, did the Ch 8 quiz without reading the whole thing and got a 14/20, as opposed to getting 17/20 or 18/20, and hurriedly wrote up the discussion board response and stupidly wasn't paying attention to the clock so I ended up turning it in one late. This sucks. I didn't have very much time to read at all, but still... I know I can do so much better than this.

Next time. More assignments, more exams. More points.


You can do it! I know you are busy, but you can do it!