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Yay! I'm happy there's no more physics lab! It's so long, and the teacher explains so much more than he needs to. That takes up most of the time in lab. But thank goodness he cut the lab short, and there was no conclusion or questions. It's a good lab too. Also, I got a good partner too - Desiree. She's cool. I even told her about that teacher trying to ask me out. It was funny.

Right after lab, I walked out of the chem building with her, and we separated once we got inside the library. I got to the 4th floor, and ran into a student who was in anatomy lab with me last quarter (Adam's lab). Her and her friend are going to do nursing. I asked them about the TEAS test and her friend said she already paid for it, but we can't sign up until December.

Maybe I should go over to the nursing department before class to figure out more stuff about it. Going to CSUSB Nursing doesn't sound so bad to me, even if it's three years. I think it would be a good pace for me. Two years at Loma Linda is fast, but I'll run into some students I've seen before here at CSUSB, not Loma Linda. I dunno. Any nursing school will do for me.

I can't wait to be a proud nursing student. Nursing is all I can think of. I know it sounds kinda obsessive of me, but it's really important I think about it all the time so I don't slack off. I still feel like I am, though.

I'm in the library now. I should study. Without much thought, I took out my physics book so I can study that. I don't wanna be so lost in that class anymore, so I'll start reading that. Physics is more interesting, and doesn't cause me as much stress, so I'll do that after maybe, or maybe I'll watch the chem lectures. I took the ear buds from my iPod with me so I could watch the lectures on my laptop in the library.

Wow. It's so much easier to type today. It's 'cuz I trimmed my fingernails on Sunday. I feel so much more free like this. Don't have to worry about breaking my nails or something. Yeah, I'm a bit paranoid.