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Something super awkward happened just an hour ago. Guess what?

I have physics lab every Tuesday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Starting two weeks ago, I started seeing this guy come into the classroom to visit my physics professor towards the end of class. He's been coming into the classroom ever since. In and out.

I did notice he likes to look and smile at me a lot. I thought it was because he saw that I looked like one of those ideal students that a teacher would want in his class - always wants an A, and asking questions and looking for answers.

The first day I saw him in class he was standing right there next to me as I asked my teacher about my midterm grade. Since he was nearby, I didn't want to just block him out of the teacher's conversation completely, so I introduced myself to him and asked, "So you're in the physics department too?"


I guess his glances toward my direction must've been about something else as well. Today, I saw him walk in and out of our lab room. He would come out of the door from the back of the room and it seems to me he was passing by my and my partner's table more often.... Trying to look like he was checking out how we're doing on our labs. He came by once while me and my partner were working. He stopped at our table another time as I was finishing up my last sentence for my conclusion.

He stopped and stood on the same side of the table I was on, look right at me and said, "I was wondering..."

There was an awkward pause, and he was looking straight at me... I knew this meant some kind of amazing special question was coming up. I was thinking, "Uh oh."

"...Will you go out with me?"


I was like, "OMG. Now what?" So I said, "Sorry, I'm not interested in seeing anyone right now. I'm really worried about school and stuff. Sorry..."

Not sure what happened after that. I guess he nodded and was like, "Okay." He then disappeared into the hallways. Gone.

I felt kinda bad. I don't like saying no, but I really don't wanna go out with an older guy like that. It's awkward. Plus, I'm with CB.

Before he left, I asked him his name. James. All I know is that his name is James, and he works in the physics department. He looks Asian, wears glasses. I think he's a professor. He's about middle-aged....or maybe around late thirties, early forties.

Okay, he's not a professor. He's a lecturer/instructional support technician. But still... No.


I got my second stats midterm back last week. 77%! No!!! I missed 10/13. :(

Gun competition two weekends ago. Fun! I thought I did pretty well. I was confident that I would get a trophy, just don't know which one. I'd be happy enough getting something. My dad was proud of me though. That's all that matters.

"Sherry, don't worry about that guy shooting better than you," said Daddy. "He had a modified gun."

"I thought you weren't supposed to have modified guns in the competition," said Mommy.

So I didn't feel bad.

I wanted the big trophy, but I was sure I wouldn't get it. It turns out that the big trophy was for the best team. I only did solo, but I feel good about that. Don't have to worry about people bringing each other down with their bad shooting. :)

I was disappointed that they didn't have the scores to announce until the end of the week. Everyone would supposedly find out who won and who placed by reading the newspaper. We all had to go to the party last Saturday to get the trophies.

What a good night it was. I made my parents proud.

I won first place in the women's division! :D Yay!


This last Sunday, me and Daddy went to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World to look at guns, ammo and targets. We picked a number so we could look at the guns, but it was taking forever, so we didn't get served. We even walked all over the place, looking at archery stuff and other stuff. We came out with a pack of those green splattering adhesive targets, a pack of bright orange adhesive targets and Turkey, my new member of the family in my room. SEAL, Mallard and BOO have a new friend now!

We went to Magnum Range again, and that was fun. I love the green splattering targets 'cuz I can see where I hit from far away! I found that these bright orange target spots really do make a difference. My groups are so much smaller! I'll have to try it from 50 ft to make sure. The super-nice group in the picture was from only 20 ft.

I'm just happy I'm shooting better every time.