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The moment I got on the freeway, I started having second thoughts about going to class. Thanksgiving weekend starts tomorrow, and I know every place is going to be hectic this whole week - shopping malls, grocery stores, airports... What fun.

But here I am, in physics lecture, writing a blog entry rather than listening to physics facts and ideas.

CB wants to buy me stuff. I was looking around on Cryoflesh for all the things I want, and boy, do I want a lot of stuff to add to my wardrobe! I guess I'll have to post my wishlist up later.

I was at Justin's house last night. I met Summer, who I haven't seen in years! She's all grown-up and mature now, and she just got a job at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). A bit different, but she's still energetic as usual. She's gotten pretty too.

Justin showed me some cool games he's been playing. One of them was Hellgate: London, which looked really cool 'cuz of the wonderful graphics and I've always had a thing for guys dressed like S.W.A.T. team members with big guns in their hands. All that armor and weapons. It's hot. So you're playing a shooter, and you're blasting away at zombie-like mosters and weird flying things that you could imagine came from hell.

He showed me another game, I forgot what it was called, but it was a complex strategy game like StarCraft, but much more complex and wonderful graphics. Looks like strategy is his thing. He seems to like it a lot. Justin said that right now, we don't have any computers that were made to handle graphics like this game. Whoa.

Gee, it's freezing in this lecture hall.

After Justin showed me some of his games, I spent the rest of the night playing Silent Hill 2 as he watched and gave me a back massage for a little while. He gives excellent back massages.

Good times.

I told Daddy that I would be home at 10:00 PM, but time passed by so fast, and I forgot to turn my phone's sound back on after class, so I got tons of voice messages from Daddy when I looked at my phone again. Obviously it was time to go home.

That's it.

I have sooooo much reading, homework, and studying to do this week. So much! I hope I get that done with time left over to play Silent Hill. :( I've been missing that game so much.