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YAY!!! I finally got the new top that I wanted from CryoFlesh. It's called the X-Odus Shrug Top. I love all the clothing on that site. Their designs are just my style - dark and futuristic. It's so hard to find clothing that I like nowadays.

Maybe the pictures I took would look a little better if I had fresh makeup on. I was so excited when CB told me that he was gonna order it for me! :D He's the greatest!
I got a "shit-load" of stuff shipped to me today - this top, two cool scrapbooking books, and the Colony 5 CD, which I'm listening to right now. I like this CD a lot. I got the Dawn of Ashes CD earlier this week. I also got a bunch of textbooks delivered to me in the past week. Am I gonna be able to catch up on all this reading and homework?
I'm pretty cool with all my classes this quarter. I'm taking physics, biochem, developmental psych, stats and archery. I just don't like stats. It's boring, and even though I miss math sometimes, this statistics stuff does not look too fun. But I gotta know this stuff when I'm a nurse. *sigh* And I really gotta know the biochem stuff. Very important when I'm working as a nurse.
Ooo, I can't wait to find a great time to wear that X-Odus!! It's really good for cold weather, and I like cold weather. It's better than hot.