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So happy about my latest scrapbook layout! Just finished it this morning. This is my third layout ever, and if this keeps up, after making several layouts, I'd probably be moving to advanced scrapbooking!

I love this art form of scrapbooking. It's just like graphic design. I was gonna be a graphic design major at Cal Poly Pomona, but thought that computer science was the more intelligent choice, especially because I decided to go to UC Riverside for the UC system. (Plus, my old best high school friend, Matthew, was going there too.)

I can't believe I was gonna be a graphic design major. That would put me in the art department. I can't see myself there. I'm afraid that doing art as a career would make the art grow dull.

Yay. I'm so happy with this layout. The ladies on the Creating Keepsakes message board seemed to like it too. I'm glad I did a lot of journaling. Better than forgetting my experiences completely. I just can't forget, though, that I should scrapbook for myself, and for not for my viewers. But of course, I like it when I get compliments from people, especially from those who are more experienced.

I wanna do another Maple Story layout next. More of a fun thing. It'd be like practice!

Oh, and we got the Xyron 510 yesterday! I love that machine so much! It's not electronic - it's mechanical. It's light. That's what I love about it. So simple - all you have to do is slide the paper in, turn the handle clockwise, and and out comes the paper a sticker!

I can make virtually anything that's flat, into a sticker. Here's the first thing I made into a sticker:

So there's my first sticker, a Maple Story icon. Very pixelated.

All this time, I've been thinking about getting a macro lens for my camera. I found a nice alternative to that: My old camera's lens.

OMG. It's been here all this time, and I never realized I could use it. Happy about that! Now I can take better portraits.... *cough* of myself....

I found this cute stamp at Michaels.

Cute little duckie that makes me think of my POOP!