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I saw the Xyron machines on sale at Michael's tody! I may be lucky!

I'm so, so tired... I didn't even eat much for lunch... Maybe it's because they're taquitos. After going with Daddy to Joe's mom's garage place to pick up the BMW, I headed home, and impulsively went to Michael's. I've been looking at getting the Xyron machine. Not sure which model yet, but I'll probably discuss that with CB later. I was thinking of buying the small version to play with first today.

Man! I wanna scrap something so bad! I wanna create something! But I've just gotta STOP being so afraid of creating a bad page! I remember some cards I've created, and wasn't too happy about them. But hey, it's okay - I'm still a beginner.

Pretty soon, I'll find my own style, and incorporate some trends into my scrapbooking. I have a idea what my style is, and I'm sure it's not always gonna be that girly style, which is all I see in the stores right now. I wish there were more scrapbooking supplies that go more towards the "dark" side. You know... Like goth.

There are already a few events I want to scrap - the Assemblage 23 concert, the lunar eclipse last month, and some other random things... Spur of the moment things.

So... Yeah. I found those swirly clear stamps online on for $9.99.