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I'm wondering why I'm getting annoyed so easily with everything tonight. I think it's because I have to make friggin' holiday cards for all the Thai newspaper people and whoever else I know. Great. And the hard part is my mom taking forever to choose a pic of me to put on the front of the card and buying ink for the printer.

And I thought I would feel all peaceful and unstressed this weekend because I finished all my psych stuff early this week. :(

I Googled CrescentGirl and the results were interesting. Interesting to see who else other than me has made CrescentGirl their identity.

There's this Russian girl, fifteen and from Moscow, I think. She's really, really pretty. I really like how she made all of her avatars .gif animated. They've got a glow effect.

There's another Russian girl whose name is also crescentgirl, but I didn't bother to read much about her. C'mon, it was in Russian, and I forgot all of my Russian. Makes me want to refresh again.

Then there's this girl who I assume lives in Singapore, because she goes to Crescent Girls' School. I can understand where she got her name from. Lol.

I remember playing on MapleSEA when I was in Thailand, and I ran into this guy. He seemed to have something against me just because of my name, CrescentGirl. He thought I was from Singapore, but I guess I surprised him when I said I'm American. He thought I went to Crescent Girls' School.

Tired. Sleepy.