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Finally, the big time period of major stress has finally passed. From this point on, it's just reading for psych and turning in the assignments every week, one last meeting of archery on Friday. I just gotta study a little for the written part of the archery test.

I looked at the grades online just now. Looks like I have an A- in physics, and I think an 89% in chem. I really hope that he'd just make that 89% an A-. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!! With pure luck, I got an A- in stats. I really don't want chem to ruin my "A" streak! I don't care if they're A-s. They surely look better than B+s.

I'm really not sure what I'm getting for psych currently, but I really hope that psych will be at least an A- too. I hope archery will be an A- at least too. I have no idea how archery will turn out. It's supposed to be a fun class! Does there really have to be a bad grade to ruin everything for me?

I'm so tired. I have to help Justin out with the music video shooting again tomorrow morning. :( But I'm tired. But last time was fun, so it shouldn't be that bad, 'cuz now I don't have a final to worry about. :)

Now that all my major classes are done, I'd like to have time to read fun stuff and scrapbook. Oh, and most importantly, Maple and learn how to play the Maple Trading Card Game.