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It's just in almost two hours! I haven't seen a total lunar eclipse ever since May 2003, and I think I missed a lot of it that year 'cuz me and Deric and his friends were gonna watch Matrix 2 at the University Village Theatre. Yeah, that was a while ago.

I'm excited about it the eclipse. I've known about it since last month. Too bad it's so late though. I'm reallly sleepy right now. It's kinda funny how I used my last two Super Megaphones on Maple just to announce the eclipse and its times. Surprisingly, this one Mapler named Kisoy was so interested in it. I felt as if I was a professional astronomer, answering all his questions about lunar and solar eclipses - things like why the moon looks red during a lunar eclipse. o.O

This is gonna be cool - doing backyard astronomy, here at my house, with a friend. Yep, Justin said he'd come watch with me. I wish I had more people come hang out with me just to watch the eclipse (like Ricky!).

Justin was planning to go out to the mountains to see the eclipse. I thought it was a brilliant idea, 'cuz then I might be able to see the stars or something (but now I figured, probably not, because the moon is in the sky - better when it's completely dark in the sky). I asked my dad, and he said, "No - it's too late."

Oh well.

I'm sleepy, and I wanna take a quick nap before it all starts. Oh man, and I wanna see if I can take a picture of the moon with my zoom lens.... But then it's so freaking high up in the sky - that means it's gonna be really small. =(

Oh well, we'll see how it goes! =D